We use the latest poultry equipment and technology.

We work together with leading manufacturers for poultry housing systems to offer suitable equipment for all requirements.

Free-range and organic poultry farming

If you want your poultry farming to meet free-range or organic free-range standards, you will need to pay attention to feeding, watering, nests, aviaries and egg-collection, and make sure all these factors are coordinated perfectly. With decades of experience, we can help you develop a customised strategy which is tailored to the size of your enterprise. Whether you’re constructing a new poultry shed or converting an existing building, we can help you find the optimum solution, taking all legal regulations into account.

Cage-free systems – aviary systems

Depending on your needs and wishes, we can supply multi-level systems with inbuilt manure disposal. Thanks to variable widths and heights, the aviaries can be adjusted to fit the exact size of your building. In this manner, we can optimise your use of space and create excellent hygiene conditions to maximise the efficiency and profitability of your enterprise.

Fienhage Easy 80/100 aviary:

Breeding aviaries

Our breeding aviaries are designed and structured to prepare young stock in an optimum manner for life in a cage-free or aviary environment. From the day they hatch, our chicks are encouraged to be active to ensure they grow and develop properly. Thus we are in a position to offer you an optimised system which will ensure – with no extra cost or effort on your part – that our well-exercised, ready-to-lay hens can reach all levels of your laying facility with ease.

Egg sorting and labelling

For many years, we have enjoyed a successful collaboration with one of Europe’s leading manufacturers for egg sorting and labelling. The Sanovo Staalkat Technology Group successfully develops and produces automated systems for the egg sorting and packaging industry. Day by day around the world, these systems reliably prove their worth. Thanks to the company’s expertise and more than 40 years of experience in the field of egg sorting, we are able to offer you customised solutions. No matter how large or small your enterprise, we can provide the right sorting, packaging and labelling equipment.

We use egg labelling machines made by Nuovo for labelling 30-egg trays, various types of small packs, and for the weighing stations and conveyor belts of all standard sorting machines and farm packers. The print head can extend up to 4.2mm, which means it can print up to two lines. BAN1 machines can even print up to 4 lines. All machines can print logos and have an automatic date and counting function.

Broiler equipment

By coordinating individual aspects such as animal feed, water, heating, air-conditioning and production, we can develop a strategy which is tailored to the size of your enterprise and takes any respective legal and environmental considerations into account. We collaborate with leading manufacturers in Europe to develop customised, practical solutions for any and every scenario.


Hatching eggs is an extremely fragile undertaking. Even the tiniest mistake in this complex process can have serious consequences. We are a reliable and experienced partner when it comes to providing the equipment, technology and service you need for smooth and successful incubation. We collaborate closely with Petersime, an innovative company which specialises in incubators to ensure you get the results and the success that you expect.

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