Premium pullets for all requirements

We offer everything from a single source: from parent stock to laying hens. Optimum conditions guarantee first-class eggs, vigorous chicks and healthy pullets.
We rely on partnerships to guarantee premium pullets for all requirements: thanks to the intensive research and development conducted by Lohmann Tierzucht GmbH, we are able to offer premium quality animals for different housing and farming requirements – and the right sort of eggs for each respective market. We collaborate closely with our customers, who can rely fully on our experience and service. Together with our expertise, your trust lays the common foundation for healthy, high-performance laying hens.

Parent stock husbandry and the hatchery

Parent stock is kept at three different sites, all of which feature state-of-the-art cage-free and aviary systems and highly-specialised hatcheries – providing the basis for quality pullets. Strict hygiene standards in accordance with HACCP and fully documented fortnightly salmonella monitoring guarantee healthy animals. 

Pullet breeding

By collaborating with a large number of pullet breeders, all of whom deploy state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to cater flexibly to any schedules for pullets.

Focus on hygiene and quality

Naturally, our pullet breeding complies with strictest hygiene standards. Our animals receive regular check-ups and care from in-house veterinary surgeons. External veterinary surgeons visit the sites to administer prophylactic vaccinations. As a part of our rigorous hygiene management strategy, all our breeders are obliged to have membership of the QGV (Animal Health Service), to comply with strictest hygiene standards, and to refuse entry to all unauthorised persons.
By ensuring all animal feed complies with strict specifications, conducting regular quality controls and routinely following special cleaning and disinfection procedures, we are able to guarantee that all our pullets remain vigorous and healthy. We operate a strictly monitored rodent control strategy and regular salmonella monitoring. Our outstanding breeding results are also achieved through the use of automated weighing stations in our sheds, which centrally monitor the weight and uniformity of our pullets.

Perfect transport management for maximum animal comfort

All vehicles and containers are cleaned and disinfected after every use. Our vehicles are air-conditioned for maximum animal welfare.

Service & intensive collaboration

We offer our partner breeders regular training courses. We also maintain a fully documented “all-in, all-out” policy for all breeders. To complement our service and our close collaboration with our partners, we also employ experienced field reps to support our customers.

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